GIS Mapping – Girlguiding South West England


Lovell Johns were contacted in 2014 by Girlguiding South West England with a requirement for GIS mapping services.  With a requirement to grow guiding membership across the South West of England, the organisation were seeking a better understanding and visual representation of their current provision against demographic data and planned regional housing expansion.

Solution – GIS Mapping

Lovell Johns visited the client and were able to demonstrate some similar provision mapping examples.  Current locations were geo-coded by postcode and colour coded to distinguish between Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and the Girlguiding Senior Section services.
A sample area of Hampshire was chosen to further analyse provision at a local level.  Demographic data was collated for the County from 2011 Census data and a GIS layer created representing the population density of young people under the age of 26.  This was styled using a ‘heat map’ effect, clearly showing areas of higher density.  A layer of new housing developments was also created.


Initially, a set of layered PDF maps were produced allowing Girlguiding South West England to simply view their current provision against regional mapping.  Finally a set of layered PDFs were produced allowing the user to toggle provisions on and off, and view against the demographic and development data.

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