Drive Time Mapping

By July 14th 2011

Drive Time Mapping is becoming a hot topic at Lovell Johns with an increasing number of enquiries being fielded by our Sales Team every month.

We have the ability to provide Drive Time Mapping in one of two ways; we can either provide the necessary GIS software, base mapping and training to allow a client to undertake such analysis themselves, or we can provide a bureau reporting service where the client receives hard copy maps and digital files such PDFs.

The starting point for any Drive Time Mapping enquiry is to take the client”s postcode(s) and also understand the nature of their requirement.┬á For example, the client may require a simple map showing the area that can be reached within 1 hour”s drive of a starting position or the client may wish to understand both the geographic extents but also the population catchments within say 20, 40 and 60 minute drive times from multiple points and where these points intersect.

Once the postcode(s) have been geo – referenced and the exact specification tied down, the drive time isochrones are generated and presented on appropriate base mapping.

Recent drive time mapping enquiries have been for wide ranging end user requirements such as:

  • deciding on where best to open a series of new retail outlets
  • a hospital deciding which health services to provide, given local drive times and population catchments
  • a small business using drive time to decide which of 2 Sales People should service which prospects

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