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With over 50 years’ experience, Lovell Johns map makers has established itself as a leading cartographic services company with a wide range of map making skills. Our consultative approach to custom mapping commissions is backed up by award-winning technical expertise, providing high quality maps for a diverse range of public and private sector markets. As map makers and GIS consultants we provide a wide range of services including data capture and ground research, data sourcing, editorial research, map design in many different styles, digital and hard copy proofing and print management. From visitor maps for colleges, businesses or local events, to beautiful hand-drawn maps of towns or attractions, our map makers are skilled at understanding your requirements and preferred style, and combining that with technical accuracy and usability.

Case Studies

Simple Illustrated Map showing Olympic torch route

Simple Illustrated Map showing Olympic torch route

A simple artistic map

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Designs by our map makers are used in a variety of formats including:

  • wall maps
  • folded pocket maps, leaflets and guides
  • digital supply as JPEG,PDF, TIFF, EPS
  • interactive web maps
  • mobile apps

We assign highly experienced cartographers who act as Key Contacts for clients throughout the map making process. Very often we can reference a similar type or style of map, which can be a useful starting point and save money. Our map makers can also advise on outputs and file types most suitable for the end use. All commissions go through a proofing stage to allow client review and comment before final supply.

Map Making Services

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50 years of mapping expertise

Lovell Johns provides organisations of all shapes and sizes with mapping solutions and geographic information solutions, utilising over 50 years’ experience to consistently exceed customer expectations. Talk to us today