Team Stories: Alice Carter

By July 10th 2015

As this year marks the 50th anniversary of Lovell Johns, we thought it would be a great idea for you to get to know more about the staff, and their background. Therefore, we have decided to run a series of team stories, which will help you to better understand the history of Lovell Johns, and the individuals that make the company what it is.

Alice Carter Team Story

Team Stories: Alice Carter

After signing up for a work placement module in my third year of Swansea University, I suddenly faced the challenge of securing a summer internship. Whilst researching on Twitter one evening I spotted a Lovell Johns advertisement for a Digital Marketing intern within the Maps International brand, for the summer of 2012. I immediately jumped at the opportunity, as the role combined my love of maps with my interest in Marketing. I could not have asked for a more action- packed internship – from working on the A-Z Map Campaign (for the London 2012 Olympics and launching our own London 2012 competition) to managing all of Maps International’s social media platforms. I gained so many skills in those three months, that it was difficult to condense everything I had learnt and experienced in my 6,000 word report for University!

I left in late September to finish my degree in Geography, but my internship at Maps International stayed with me as I wrote about my time at the company in my final year project. Towards the end of my time at university, I inevitably started to think about my career and where I saw my future. It was with some good fortune, that I saw a position had become vacant at LJ/MI and I was soon in touch again. As someone was needed quickly, the change from student to young professional was very rapid. I graduated on the Friday and started work in the Sales and Marketing department on the Monday.

The last two years seem to have flown by but at the same time university seems like a lifetime ago. One of my most exciting moments at Lovell Johns was experiencing the Christmas rush and then watching the impact of Black Friday in 2014. I always enjoy seeing our products in the press and the rewards of my hard work.  It is also great watching other interns who have joined the company grow and being able to help them, as it reminds me of how I first came to Maps International.

One of the main things which has changed over the last two years during my time with the company is the product range. I joined as an intern at the peak of both Groupon and the Art Map designs. Maps International was still very much a traditional wall map company with the majority of products being the world maps and continental maps. When I returned as a full time member of staff we had just started to focus on product development. It was incredibly interesting to see the cartoon and lenticular maps take shape and observe the whole design process. We have now fully embraced the fact that maps are on trend, and with the World Is Art range, I believe that we have kept the quality of cartography while also developing map designs which appeal to a wider market.

I believe that the future of Maps International looks bigger and better than ever and that we will continue to make innovative and new products which will build our brand awareness in the retail and ecommerce market.

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