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Product Designer/Developer

Salary: £18,000 to £24,000
Position: Full Time
Vacancy Deadline:
31 July 2018, at midday

We are currently looking for a Product Designer/Developer to join us at Lovell Johns , based just north of Oxford.

About this role

The development of map based products has formed the driver to Lovell Johns’ growth over the last few years. The company’s strategy is to continue the development of new products, under our Maps International brand and build on its strong growth in the UK and overseas markets.

You will have a degree or equivalent design qualification, you will ideally have 1+ years design experience or maybe you are fresh from Uni ready to get into a job and show off your talent.

You will play a key part in managing the product development process from start to finish.

The responsibilities for this role will include the following points:

  • To help collate basic ideas for new products from a number of sources such as the internal team, externally by talking to customers, distributors and also by doing market research.
  • Tracking trends and developments in the marketplace and reviewing their competitor development.
  • Investigating developments in materials or manufacturing techniques and how these could be used for new products.

Key Responsibilities

We have an established product development process and you will be expected to manage each of these stages:

  • Brainstorming meetings with the internal team: These revolve around key calendar dates such as Christmas or Father’s Day etc.
  • Regularly meeting or talking to our customers, distributors and attending trade shows to get feedback on how the current products are received and could be developed.
  • Review potential ideas with the sales and marketing team to look at how the product would fit with their sales channels and markets and determining what would be a realistic sales price and what level of sales could be expected to determine if a product is viable.
  • Collating ideas from all areas and assessing their fit within the market place and our current product ranges. Investigate potential manufacturing costs and suppliers.
  • Monthly sign-off meetings to present, review and sign-off new ideas for product development.
    To sign off a new product idea for full development you would need to have done some research into the market place along with manufacturing costs and potential selling price. This would need to include any packaging.
  • Product design and development loop: This is where you would manage the complete design and development process, possibly using internal or external designers and talking to manufacturers. A key element is to gather input and feedback from relevant people at various stages.

As a designer/developer you will have:

  • A product design degree or equivalent design qualification
  • 1+ years’ design experience (post-grad or placement experience acceptable)
  • Strong knowledge of all Creative Suite Programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign etc.)
  • NO prior experience of working in the mapping or gift or children’s industry but an awareness of the market is useful
  • A range of proven practical skills and a willingness to get your hands dirty are essential
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to develop products from initial design to delivery
  • Ability to manage a number of design projects at once, all of which are likely to be at different stages.

How to apply

To apply for this role, please send in your applications via email to before midday on 31 July, 2018. 

Lovell Johns is an equal opportunities employer and all candidates will be evaluated on the basis of skills, experience and suitability for the role.

Only candidates with current and valid permission to work and live in the UK will be considered for this role. Candidates will be requested to present evidence of this at an appropriate stage in the process.

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