Cartography and Cartographic Services

As a map making company with over 50 years’ experience of providing the full range of Cartographic Services, good quality cartography lies at the heart of everything we do. We have trained cartographers with expert knowledge of map production, gained from hundreds of commissions for clients large and small.

What is Cartography and Cartographic Services?

Cartography, or the art of map creation, is undertaken by our staff on a daily basis.

Cartographic Services describes the wide range of map-making activities carried out by our expert cartographers on a daily basis in the pursuit of map commissions, from one-off individual commissions for a book to large-scale international projects spanning several years.

As we’ve gained experience in cartography services over the last 50 years, our methods and processes have naturally evolved to fit the needs of our clients and constantly ensuring good practice in map making. Read more about our approaches below.

Our Approach to Cartographic Design

Cartographic Design involves defining the purpose of the map, map types, hierarchy, clarity, aesthetics and much more.

Our Approach to Cartographic Production

From printing plates and scribing in the 80s, to software systems and complex map databases today, Cartographic Production has come a long way.

50 years of mapping expertise

Lovell Johns provides organisations of all shapes and sizes with mapping solutions and geographic information solutions, utilising over 50 years’ experience to consistently exceed customer expectations. Talk to us today