Map Design

Map Design is the process cartographers go through in order to add purpose and emphasis to a map. This involves thinking about the structure and layout of the map, reviewing the data it represents and considering the best way of communicating this to the user.

Lovell Johns, with over 50 years of experience, is a leading map design company in the UK and well placed to offer you expert map design services in illustrative, artistic, promotional and many more types of design.

Get started by identifying the type of design you're after from the list below.  And don't forget we're just a phone call away, so whatever stage you are at, we'll be able offer you our expertise.

Illustrated Maps

Illustrated map design can help to convey a sense of place, using non-scale illustrations and icons to encourage visitor interest and help with orientation and navigation.

Promotional Maps

Promotional map design is used effectively by brands and organisations to reinforce their identity and convey a distinct marketing message.

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Artistic Maps

Artistic map design or stylised map design tends to be more fun and creative than traditional reference maps, with our expert cartographers combining cartographic design with artistic flair.

Bonnier Publishing were looking for illustrative atlas maps to go into their Drift Atlas, showing how the world may have looked at different times

Cycle Maps

We produce clear and informative Cycle Maps in the form of printed leaflets, PDF downloads and intuitive online maps , supporting sustainable transport initiatives across the country.

Site plans and Campus Maps

From simple site plans or building layouts to large complex multi-use campus maps, we consult on and design a wide variety of site maps including many for Universities, Colleges and Schools.

Wayfinding Maps for Telford

Case Studies

Highly detailed business park map for Milton Park

Highly detailed business park map for Milton Park

Iterative design of new estate master plan

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Unique Floor plans for Suites, Meeting Rooms, Restaurants and Trains

Unique Floor plans for Suites, Meeting Rooms, Restaurants and Trains

Enhancing pre-stay guest information

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What are the elements that go into map design?

Visual layout design, typography, signs and symbology, data management and geographic data representation are all elements that play a vital role in designing maps.

The map design process and elements used can differ, i.e. whether the map in question is required to be artistic or more traditional, illustrative, or informative. Effective map design combines elements effectively to convey a required message through the use of distinct colours and tones.

Map Design

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