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Many of the projects we undertake are not just about creating stand-alone maps - often the map is one part of a larger publication such as a book, poster, leaflet or brochure.  We work on many varied map-based commissions, from very large reference books and atlases to individual folded flyers.

We have always had in-house people with the skills to design and lay out information in a book or page - this typically includes copy text, charts, diagrams and graphs, photographs and infographics.  We use desktop publishing software (Adobe CC) to design and lay out the finished page or publication.

Whether a single page or complete product, we address the following design goals when laying out the content:

Clarity and Order

Is there visual clutter or confusion, are the various elements placed logically and is it clear what information we are trying to show?


Every element has a “visual weight” for example, colour use can change the visual weight of an element, bright or saturated colours being more dominant.  Altering the visual weight of elements will change how readers will see the page and be drawn to each element i.e. the reading order. We look at how the elements are placed around the page to give a balance and to help direct the reader.

Unity and Harmony

We need to make sure there is a relationship between elements, for example colours not in conflict, typefaces working together between the text, maps and other elements on the page. Some other specific areas we will look at:

Product design and specification

Fold pattern or binding options

Sheet maps or brochures can be folded in many different ways depending on the final required size and how the product will be used. There are different ways in which the pages in a book can be bound, for example spiral binding, perfect binding, stapling, etc.

Colour options for printing

Most print will be four-colour (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) however, it is also possible to use specific Pantone or spot colours if required to match specific brand requirements or produce a special finish such as metallic, neon, luminous etc.

Paper and finishing options

We can advise on the many different types of paper/card; bright white, smooth or textured, suitable thicknesses or weights, such as 160 gsm etc. Paper can also be coated with a varnish, laminated, or have different finishes applied.

Cover or sleeve options

Many products need some form of cover whether this is a tip-on cover, bound-in cover or a separate sleeve.  Again we can advise and provide cost estimates for different formats.

Page layout services

We provide pagination, text lay up, typefaces, sizing, widow/orphan control, header and marginalia design, cover design, photographs/graphics placement, colour space advice (CMYK, RGB, SPOT etc.).

Print management

We regularly commission and manage map printing, including specification and pricing, press passing and quality control of finished products.  If you prefer, we can supply all of the required information to a third party printer.

Expertise in Leaflet Design

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