Student Prospectus Map for London South Bank University

3D illustrated area prospectus map


Founded in 1892 and located in London Borough of Southwark, London South Bank University has over 19,000 students and 1,700 staff.

The Marketing and UK Student Recruitment Department approached Lovell Johns with a requirement for a 3D area map and a 2D campus location map for a forthcoming prospectus.


A detailed street map of the required area was produced from Ordnance Survey OpenData. This base map was used to create the required perspective view illustrated map, which was then enhanced with the 3D buildings.

Some additional features, such as cartoon style buses and aeroplanes were added to give the map more interest. The map was deliberately designed to be simple and clear and reflective of the University corporate style.

A 2D campus location map as then designed to provide orientation to students and visitors.


The client can use the maps for web and print output.  The map was completed in time for a client print deadline, and was very well received by the project leader, commenting:
We’re delighted you could deliver not only exactly what we were looking for, but 2 days ahead of deadline! Amazing!

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