Visitor Information Maps for Victoria BID


The Victoria Business Improvement District (BID) in London was set up by local businesses to encourage visitors to the Borough to use the commercial and leisure facilities available locally. They have a visitor information map which is handed out as people leave the train station, and is available in local shops and businesses to show the general area but it was felt that a new set of visitor information maps were required to focus visitors on the facilities available within the Borough.

Solution – Visitor Information Maps Victoria BID

A general area visitor information map was produced to show the setting of the Borough within a wider area of London with emphasis being placed on major tourist landmarks and transport links.

A set of eight locality maps were also required, each with the same base showing the Borough area, but with points for Tourist sites, places to eat, shopping locations, etc, as well as one map with all points of interest. Using MapVu 10 as a base as it shows all streets, the mapping was restyled to highlight the Borough area: a deep purple fill was used to delineate the coverage and a simple font chosen for clarity. Each site, as selected by the client is shown on the relevant visitor information map and referenced in a key.


The client will use the visitor information maps for web and print and was very happy with the final products: “Thank you for your help, patience and assistance with this project. We got EXACTLY what we wanted and are extremely pleased with the end results. A big thank you from the Victoria BID to you and the rest of the team.”

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