Wayfinding maps of Bracknell Industrial areas


Lovell Johns were commissioned to design a wayfinding map to help get pedestrians from the rail/bus station to the business areas in Bracknell.  Two maps were required to help direct people from Bracknell bus and railway stations to the two key employment areas – the Southern and Western Business Areas.


The client provided the suggested local routes in the form of sketches for a) traffic free and b) on-road routes. The sketches were digitised and added to the base mapping in distinctive colours and a matching key created.  Certain key buildings, particularly the larger businesses, were drawn in 3D and added to the map for added interest.  Centred on the rail station, 5 and 10 minute walking zones were added to the maps.  As the primary purpose of the map is to get pedestrians from the rail/bus station to the business areas, the non-wayfinding areas of the map were faded back.


The maps will be supplied to businesses in both of the business areas as part of the on-going promotion of sustainable travel choices in Bracknell.

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