How good map design can benefit holiday resorts

By January 20th 2015

When showcasing a holiday resort, the focus is to attract visitors, aid orientation and to display the facilities in an attractive and clear manner. It is also of course, a powerful marketing tool to present a favourable image of a travel destination.  A good resort map design can make the difference between a customer booking a trip or moving on to another site.

A resort map can be used in many media – online or in printed brochures, on wayfinding boards at the actual resort, or in promotional leaflets. All these forms may be used to either encourage customers to investigate or to find their way around the resort. Buildings should be clearly labelled, perhaps highlighting communal parts, such as clubhouses, pools or restaurants. A detailed resort map design may show individual residential units, so customers can see exactly where they will be staying.

Good resort map design can help to reinforce the characteristics of the destination; perhaps invoking a sense of calm and serenity at a meditation retreat through the use of muted tones; or promoting fun and adventure at an activity resort by using vibrant tones. For example, a theme park type resort will require a very different looking map to an adult only destination.

Lovell Johns have worked with luxury travel brand Aman to create detailed resort maps.

Map Design for Holiday Resort

Resort Map – Amanera

Working closely with the Brand Marketing Team, our cartographers have designed a range of maps, from detailed resort level to wider destination maps, all of which had to form a coherent range whilst retaining the brand ethos of serenity and luxury. Lovell Johns use earthy and neutral colours with a distinctive font prescribed by Aman which is clear and stylish. The maps are uncluttered and focus on the resort and associated facilities. The maps will be used in holiday brochures and online to promote the destinations.

Map design for Resort Map - Amanoi

Resort Map for Island – Amanoi


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