Importance of maps for marketing

By August 26th 2014

Brand promotion to the customer base is a key component of any marketing strategy and a great way of ensuring that any promotional material is retained and valued is through the use of mapping. Messages that are highly visual can have a huge impact on both customers and prospects.

Of couse using maps for marketing purposes is nothing  new – for example most estate agents make use branded mapping in branch and on marketing materials to promote their brand as well as  show house buyers the local area.   Whether you realise it or not, this type of marketing is all around us.  This concept also works online well where all sorts of interactive maps are being used for enhancing user experience and encouraging people to return..

Maps for marketing are often customised to centre on a specific area  , incorporate corporate colours and fonts within the design, or made to fit within a specific space in a promotional publication. This customisation allows the map to fit seamlessly within existing brand guidleines and be part of any leaflet or website.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use maps for promotional marketing purposes :

  1. Promote your business location by developing a branded map of your area. Locator maps can show the new outlets within a surrounding area – use these in mailshots to potential customers to increase your client base. You could even personalise each map by including your customer’s home address
  2. Publish a pocket atlas or folded pocket map of all your business locations showing customers how easy it is to find your locations across the region, country or world!. Every location can be marked with a logo, and a key created for ease of use.
  3. If you are sponsoring an event or arranging an exhibition, why not consider creating a map for marketing of the local area and facilities? Add a selection of useful information such as transport information, local interest points, navigational points etc.
  4. Add your corporate branding to a world map, which can be handed out to clients and contacts. Maps for marketing of this nature is likely to be kept longer than a promotional leaflet, so why not ensure that your message has the widest coverage possible?

When considering different options for promoting the business, remember that people will tend to keep and reuse a map . Use this to your advantage and make sure that your message and logo are seen. It could be the best marketing investment you ever made!

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