Lovell Johns 50 Years of Map Making

By August 20th 2015

Lovell Johns 50 Years of Map Making from Lovell Johns on Vimeo.

This year Lovell Johns celebrates 50 years of making maps and it’s been quite a journey from the early days of hand drawn maps to how the company operates today.

Throughout these 50 years, map making has been at the core of the business and will continue to be so. Today the business has grown in several areas, particularly in digital mapping and product development. For the digital side of the business we can produce mapping data and maps for websites. We also have skills in GIS where we are able to manipulate mapping data to suit our customer’s requirements. 

An exciting venture for the business has been our move into product development. We see this as an important area of the business and allows us to be involved in the full cycle of a product, from its conception, manufacture and sale through our Maps International Brand. Our online map shop has grown and grown and fuelled by the popularity of maps for the home, has become the perfect map gifting website as well as offering functional maps in numerous sizes and finishes.

Through the brand we are able to supply maps to small to medium sized businesses. These businesses tend to be Estate Agents or local companies who require a map of their location.

Most of the maps we produce are done in house which allows us to have full control of the map making process. Much of the maps that leave us are bespoke maps which we are able to print and finish at our offices in Oxfordshire.

The future direction for Lovell Johns is an exciting one and we will strive to create quality mapping products and services for our valued customers. With excellent cartography at the forefront of what we do, we look forward to the opportunities that lay ahead.

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50 years of mapping expertise

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