Bus Maps and Guides for West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Updating a series of Bus Maps and Guides for West Yorkshire


In July 2018, following a competitive procurement exercise, Lovell Johns were awarded a two year contract by West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) for the production of bus maps and guides.

Each Metro Guide contains an Area map, a City centre map, an Index to places served, a Rail network map (where applicable), advertisements and bus operator details.  The Guides are published 6 times per year for Bradford, Calderdale, Leeds, North Kirklees, South Kirklees, Wakefield, Wharfedale and also a City Centre map for Leeds.


Where there is a route change, frequency change, new service or service withdrawal, WYCA supply the relevant bus service registrations in hard copy. Lovell Johns update the maps and timetable information and provide proofs to WYCA 3 weeks prior to service change dates.

The PDF files supplied can be seen on the West Yorkshire Metro website. Each map has an interactive tab that must link it to the next area map.


In July 2021 Lovell Johns were awarded the replacement two year contract following a new tender process. In August 2023, Lovell Johns won a new three year contract following a competitive tender process. We look forward to producing more engaging bus maps in the future.

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