How maps can help certain Industries recover

By August 18th 2020

The lockdown due to Covid-19 has affected many parts of the economy. As we start to recover and restrictions are eased, there are various ways that different industries can use maps to promote their businesses.


As the hospitality industry opens up again and with restrictions still in place for travelling abroad, UK hotels are encouraging people to visit, walk around the local area and explore the locality. All with social distancing front of mind. The rise of the ‘staycation’ means that holidays are being taken more locally and visitors are taking this chance to stay closer to home. Many towns and cities have produced maps to capitalize on walking and cycling, rather than using public transport. The map below shows temporary ‘pedestrianization’ of streets in London.

City Of London Map
Source: Corporation of London© FT


With a greater interest in being in the great outdoors, and with hotels booking up, camping can be the perfect family holiday. Distancing is pretty straightforward and camping offers a chance to focus on simple living. After being cooped up for months indoors, there has been a huge surge in bookings for camping trips. A map is useful to show where visitors can pitch, where shared facilities are and also to show any restrictions to their use.

Campsites image


Travel by public transport is discouraged but employees are gradually returning to work. In response, many companies are facilitating cycling and walking to work. Provision is being made with cycle to work schemes, bike parking, shower facilities and flexibility of working times. A local map showing safe cycle and walking routes is a useful addition to help staff commute.

Businesses map image

Local Authorities

In May this year, the UK Government announced a £2bn package to facilitate the construction of new cycle lanes and wider pavements to boost sustainable means of transport. Many local authorities will be updating their travel plans and maps to reflect this new behaviour.

Bus Companies

As some city centre roads are closed off to vehicles temporarily, bus companies are having to amend bus routes in order to accommodate this change. The easiest way to convey this information to users is with a map, which can be quickly updated and published online, either as a download or as a refreshed online mapping solution.

Milton Keynes Bus Map Image

So, with a rapidly-changing set of restrictions in place, maps can be used to track short term amendments and to keep the public safe. As we come back into our ‘new normal’, a map can be an essential resource for many businesses.

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