Promotional Map for Oswestry Borderland Tourism

A detailed Town Centre Map to support Tourism Information


Oswestry Borderland Tourism, the destination management organisation for Oswestry and the Welsh Borderlands, produce brochures and website materials to help attract tourists and promote businesses to the town and wider area. The Chair of OBT approached Lovell Johns with an interest in developing a new illustrated town promotional map. Naturally, we felt we could lend our expert mapping services to this project.


The client was seeking to improve on their 2002 map which had become outdated and wanted to increase coverage, to include the roads leading off the edge of the current map. Our cartographers worked closely with OBT to arrive at a fixed cost to help secure Board member approval, then agreed on the preferred perspective view and on which key buildings would be featured in more detail. Additional information, such as trees and shadows were added to enhance the map image and bring it to life.


The creative process involved a number of proofing stages and stakeholder reviews. The promotional map of Oswestry has been used in leaflets, posters and is available as a PDF download online as well.

OBT Chairman Lee Lucks commented “The map has been really well received and although it was a lot of work we are delighted with the finished product.’’

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