Ross-on-Wye Town Centre Visitor map and poster


Ross-on-Wye Town Council had an existing map on noticeboards throughout the town, but felt this needed to be modernized and refreshed and also be available as a digital download. The client helpfully selected some preferable styles from the Lovell Johns website examples which were discussed in an exploratory call before quoting.

Map Solution

The cartographer met the client on a site visit, providing opportunity for further discussion around key aspects of the location, also for us to a get a feel for the town and its character. An initial pencil sketch was produced, to show the coverage of the map area, the feature buildings and wildlife to be highlighted as illustrations. The map is created in a soft, hand-drawn style with colourful depictions of key elements and showcases the rural location of the town. From the approved artwork, we created a document featuring the supporting visitor information text and QR codes.


Five versions of the map, each with a different ‘You are Here’ marker, were provided for various locations around the town. Tourism & Marketing Manager Jane Mainey was very happy with the final result

“Thanks so much, Louisa, we all absolutely love it. Michael has done an amazing job and it’ll look lovely in our new noticeboards.” – Jane Mainey, Tourism & Marketing Manager

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