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By July 13th 2011

I coin the famous phrase from one of the UK’s previous Prime Ministers which is appropriate for our latest offerings as well as the fact that we have created atlas products as well as many other maps for the company that he founded – Macmillan.

The range of world atlases that we can now offer is at an all time high as there are approximately twelve base options on atlases ranging from our traditional “Pocket Atlas” with the environmental background to the “National Geographic” branded and styled co-language edition of the “Times Concise”. This gives a large range of styles; content and price points, which can be built into a new publishing venture or adapted to fit an existing, range of products.

The atlases on offer can be changed to suit the needs of any requirement. The “look and feel” of the mapping can be redesigned; the language can be translated; the content can be edited or expanded. A complete new section to cover a publishers’ country can be added. The print and manufacture can be specified to give further flexibility in price and quality of the actual product.

Some atlases in our range are especially suitable for “Special Sales” or promotional products. A special edition can be derived to give the publisher or company their “own” atlas. Your own brand, your own product built to suit your own promotional or publishing needs.

We are particularly proud to have produced the latest “National Geographic International Atlas” in three languages, French; German and Spanish. This was created and derived from the “Times Concise” atlas with the co-operation of Collins. The recognizable style specifications of NG were applied to the content and NG editorial principles included in the process. The resultant atlas is now ready for new publishing partners, especially in Europe and this could be of interest to any company looking for a new product that comes with the added bonus of a real iconic brand. The benefit of this in the market place is proven and to have the chance of a partnership with the National Geographic map publishing organisation is rare. This is what”s on offer so please give it some thought.

Our own range of lesser atlas options gives the choice to suit the lower price point market and this is coupled with what we can derive from our partnership with Collins. Once again we have an iconic atlas publishing company that offers a wide and flexible range of products that could suit your own strategy and more importantly, your budget. Collins heritage is not easily surpassed, the publisher of the “Times” atlas range, historically created by none other than the Bartholomew map publishing house. They also publish a different selection of reference and educational atlases under the “Collins” imprint. Our relationship with our partners is a happy collaboration of techniques and understanding that benefits the end customer and gives the huge advantage of flexibility to the customer.

The range of atlases on offer can be sampled on our website but to get a more personalised view on what would be best for you, please get in touch with us.

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