Camphill Village Site Map for Visitors


Camphill Village Trust needed a new site map design to help visitor orientation in and around their 20 acre estate in Hertfordshire.  The requirement was for a new, styled site map to show the correct geographical positions of the various buildings within the site.


Prior to any map design, Lovell Johns’ cartographic illustrator undertook a site visit in order to take photographs of each building and make notes on locations and features.  The new site plan was drawn digitally and given texture by adding trees and shadows to bring the plan to life. The buildings have been drawn as 3D elements from the photographs to show their actual appearance, to help with easy recognition. The individual buildings are clearly numbered and referenced to a key.


The use of realistic colours makes the site plan eye catching and attractive, as well as practical.  The map was printed at AO and will be used to help with visitor orientation on arrival at the site.

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