Unique Artistic Map Interpretation

Client Requirement

Lovell Johns were commissioned by clinical psychologist Dr Suzanne Brown to consider the design of a unique artistic map; using theoretical underpinnings from psychology to map out anxiety, defence and emotions but using terrain such as rivers, valleys and swamps to convey the subject themes. Dr Brown referenced some of our illustrated and artistic map case studies in early discussions.

Map Solution

Lovell Johns discussed ways to create a custom ‘world’ with the aim of seamlessly representing intangible content as iconography and believable geographical features. The complex interactions between the various emotions to be depicted required an iterative approach to design. As a result, the client was able to refine their thinking and theory around the subject matter at each stage. The resultant map supports the psychological theory and in turn the theory was also shaped by the iterative map design process.


Dr Brown purchased exclusive rights to the map and is able use the artwork in print and digital outputs. The client commented ‘I was delighted with the process from start to finish; Ian was patient and supportive during the creation of the map, and able to develop my thinking further through his questions and interest in the project. He was very amenable to making changes as the project developed and I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome. I highly recommend Lovell Johns and would use them again in a heartbeat.’

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