Making bespoke maps work for your business

By March 6th 2017

6 considerations when creating bespoke maps

Making bespoke maps work for your business

Custom map design for music festival. Click to read the case study

There are many reasons an organisation or individual may choose to invest in customised or bespoke maps.

Perhaps a standard off-the-shelf design does not have the desired impact, or you have a specific requirement that cannot be found in the available mapping.

Maybe there is a need to create something that will really stand out from the crowd, and promote a business, event or location.

A bespoke or custom map can say a lot about an organisation or venue whilst also meeting specific needs and tastes.

As the bespoke or custom map is made to order, it will be personal and individual. It can be customised in a number of ways to suit a specific use, as the user will be able to select a particular coverage, maybe to suit a franchise or delivery area, or to cover an estate or walking area.

Making bespoke maps work for your business

Camphill village site map for visitors. Click to read the case study

Bespoke maps can also be made to a custom size or finish – a large map in a reception area will have an impact and is a good talking point. Individual branding, with the addition of logos, or recolouring into a corporate accent colour can make a bespoke map a stand-out item.

Specific map details can also define a custom map – layers can be excluded to give a pared-down appearance, or additional data layers can enhance the information shown. As a specialist in designing and creating customised mapping solutions across multiple sectors, Lovell Johns holds all data layers in an editable format, so anything is possible with design.

For personal use, a bespoke map may be created to commemorate a favourite place or event – Lovell Johns has created unique illustrated maps for large country estates, for music festivals, and even a Scottish island.

Key considerations when designing bespoke maps

  1. Area to be covered
  2. Size of finished map
  3. Scale of data, selection of features
  4. Additional information – boundaries, locations of offices, etc.
  5. Branding – addition of a business logo, bespoke recolouring
  6. What is the final use for the map – does it need to work online, or will it be hung on a wall?

The possibilities for bespoke maps are endless, and there is a map style to suit any requirements.

Making bespoke maps work for your business

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