Bespoke maps created for Environment Agency

By August 30th 2011

Lovell Johns have created the maps that are part of the new Environment Agency Fishing Guides. The Environment Agency are looking to encourage the use of the many miles of waterways available to all. As fishing is the most popular pastime in this country, they have tapped into their huge resource of fishing sites and tackle suppliers to produce this set of regional guides.

Lovell Johns have been working with the Environment Agency for many years and began work on the mapping for these guides several months ago. Our team devised a colour scheme for the different types of fishery and the fish available there. We had to consider DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) guidelines to ensure text was clear and legible and that colours could be clearly defined. A total of 18 regional guides were produced, with thousands of fishing sites and 1000 tackle shops.

The print run was the largest undertaken for the Environment Agency, with approximately 800,000 guides being produced. These have been distributed to all rod licence holders, and are now available in tackle shops across England and Wales.

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