Visitor Information Maps for Business Improvement District


The inStreatham Business Improvement District (BID) in London is a not-for-profit company composed of businesses big and small, paying a levy to fund projects which promote the BID area.  The BID identified Streatham High Road, at 2.6 miles long and the longest commercial street in Europe, as one of the area highlights and approached Lovell Johns with a requirement for a visitor map to highlight parking and attract shoppers.


A detailed street map of the BID area was produced from Ordnance Survey OpenData. This data source was restyled to reflect the green and blue inStreatham BID logo colours.  Lovell Johns deployed an experienced ground researcher to the area, armed with this new base map, in order to collect the specific information required by the client – car parks, parking restrictions, number of bays for loading, disabled use etc. The parking restriction information was then added to the base map and referenced to a Key to aid clarity.


The map provides a clear guide to the parking in the Streatham BID area.  The client can use the visitor information maps for web and print output.  The map was completed in less than two weeks and in time for a client print deadline.

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