The best of our mapping solutions in 2019

By December 17th 2019

At the end of another year at Lovell Johns, we take some time to reflect on some interesting projects.

Shortlisting from a wide range of work over the 12 months has been a fun challenge. Whether it lay within the field of activity-based maps or artistic and illustrated commissions, we’ve kept ourselves really busy and accomplished a significant amount of work.

Detailed, illustrated school campus map

Wycombe Abbey School were looking for a replacement campus map, something more accurate and informative. We consulted with the Estates Directorate by suggesting different styles and a site visit to get a feel for the geography.

Lovell Johns mapping solutions - Wycombe School image

Have a look at how we developed a beautiful campus map which captures the uniqueness of the site.

Bus maps and Guides for West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire Combined Authority is the strategic authority for the region with powers over transport, economic development and regeneration. Lovell Johns have been busy updating maps for Bradford, Calderdale, Leeds, North Kirklees, South Kirklees, Wakefield, Wharfedale and Leeds to support a publishing programme which sees the guides reprinted 6 times a year.

Lovell Johns Mapping Solutions - WYCA image

Leeds City Centre bus map.

Artistic Maps for rural Country Estates

Lovell Johns Mapping solutions - Bantham Estate image

Great Tew Estate has a rich history that dates back to pre-Roman times, whilst Bantham’s history dates back to Neolithic times. The client wanted to develop a series of custom artistic maps to encourage visitors to explore the local surroundings.

Our staff work closely with the client to choose a suitable artistic style and compile content for each map. Take a look at how we developed and delivered beautiful artistic maps in under 2 months.

A set of maps for an Around the World cyclist

Mark Beaumont holds the record for cycling round the world, completing his 18,000-mile route on 18 September 2017, having taken less than 79 days! We were approached by a publishing client to take on a preferred style of mapping and develop a series of custom maps describing the cycle routes at various stages.

Lovell Johns mapping solutions - Mark Beaumont image

Whether in artistic and illustrative mapping or transport and activity mapping, our wide range of expertise under a single roof was put to the test in 2019. Unsurprisingly, we exceeded expectations every single time. We’re really looking forward to newer and more exciting work in 2020. If you’ve got something, Lovell Johns would love to hear from you, so please get in touch.

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