Our London Street Map Database Takes Shape

By July 14th 2011

The London Olympics are nearing ever closer and our plan to develop a new map database for the capital has taken a significant step forward during the past months. The driving force behind this exciting mapping development is not just the return of the Olympics, it is prompted more by the needs of our customers for a map that is not liable to OS royalties which is a growing significant cost. The other main feature of the London map database is the content of detailed walking and cycling information alongside all the normal tourist and topographical features expected in such a map. In addition to these features, one of the main benefits of the London mapping is that it is in a database format, and therefore can ‘drive’ the creation of many derived products and services for several of our markets.

Web mapping is a growing part of our business and increasingly more existing and new customers have a web requirement. The new London map database is available to be used online and has the benefit of being royalty free. Many of our customers frequently hit the brick wall that is OS licensing, which makes it difficult to publish mapping online. Our London street map database has been entirely managed by Lovell Johns and therefore is not affected by OS licensing, which is excellent for organisations wishing to use our mapping of London.

Publishing is an important and traditional user of maps and our added features will help to create unique products for both paper and electronic display. There are more users of mapping in London that will be interested, such as Local Government, Transport authorities, Property professionals, Marketing companies to name just a few.

The London map database has been created to be an entirely flexible product. It can be purchased in it’s entirety or just of the area you need (no matter how small), it can be styled to your specification, it can be themed for your audience, plus we can quote on any other personalisation if required. View more information about the London map database here

It has been said by no less an authority on mapping than the aforesaid Ordnance Survey “It could be said that more than 90% of all businesses are dependent on some sort of map related reference or device”.

Why don’t you let us help your business with the added advantage of no royalties.

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